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Ozark Distribution is the Southeast's most trusted traffic supplies and distribution service provider. We carry the most reliable and trusted brands in traffic safety distribution including road quake, ASTI, Lindsay, and Transpro products. To see the products we carry, simply view our selection of menu items that showcase our roadside safety products available to the Department of Transportation, contractors, and others.

Improve Worker Safety

Ozark Distributions works with its partners to ensure the efficiency and safety of major roadways are not compromised during travel or when upgrades or maintenance take place.  According to some statistics, it is believed that around 47% of work zone crashes result in a fatality or injury. As well, most of these accidents occurred on state highways or turnpikes, which means taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of those who work on the roads is crucial to both the workers and those who use those roadways. While it is true that most fatalities on these roads impact motorists, workers still have to be extra vigilant when they’re working on the highways and as such, having the right safety equipment is of paramount importance.

Improve Roadside safety

In addition to providing the most innovative and advanced work zone safety barriers, shields, and applications, Ozark Distribution also offers a wide range of products that help reduce the impact of most motor vehicle crashes that can occur on the highway and roadside construction sites.

From guard rails and rumble strips to collapsible poles and more, Ozark Distributions has the traffic supplies you need to ensure a safe roadway and an even safer work zone. For more information visit our product pages or contact us today to learn how Ozark Distributions can assist you with your traffic supply needs.

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